Conversation on IRC just now

Conversation on IRC just now: [03:43 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†so i have an iphone 4s [03:43 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†and its blocked [03:43 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†does anything unblock imei? [03:43 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†redsnow or some shit?[03:45 AM]¬†<summatusmentis>¬†what do you mean blocked? [03:47 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†imei is blocked by uk networks [03:47 AM]¬†<marfin>¬†ūüôĀ [04:03 AM]¬†<CPng|N>¬†stop using stollen phones? [04:13 AM]¬†<summatusmentis>¬†marfin: yeah, if it’s blocked by the network there’s […]

New iPad Owners “Very Satisfied”

New iPad Owners Weigh in on the Latest Apple Tablet. “More than four-out-of-five new iPad owners (82%) say they are¬†Very Satisfied¬†with the device.¬† Another 16% say they’re¬†Somewhat Satisfied.“ When asked what they liked best, 75% of owners responded that they like the new Retina display. Via Alan van Roemburg (@alanvanroemburg).

10 Real Reasons to Switch to to a Mac from Windows.

The Macalope recently trashed an eWeek article by Don Reisinger called Ditch Microsoft Windows In Favor of Mac OS X Lion: 10 Reasons Why. Since the article is so poor, I thought I’d write my own list, taken from over two-and-a-half decades of experience with computers, so here are … 10 Real Reasons to Switch […]

Is the Smart Phone Aiming to Kill the Tablet?

The Gadget Guy David vs. Goliath: For many people, tablets aren‚Äôt yet strong enough to replace laptops, what with a solid physical keyboard being easier to type on and a wider availability of work-grade applications. At one point, it‚Äôs likely that this section of the market will converge, and instead of just having tablets, we‚Äôll […]