Kumamoto Earthquake situation updates

Humanity Road has detailed updates with extensive links about the situation in Kumamoto. Also, if you view Kumamoto in Google Maps and turn on the traffic view, you can get a very good idea of the road situation. A few years ago we had a partial Kyushu Highway road collapse after heavy rain, and the situation […]

Earthquake Report, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan

Here’s a good report with a lot of technical data on the recent earthquakes As I was preparing an aftershock map for yesterday’s earthquake, an earthquake with a magnitude of M = 7.0 happened. This turns all other earthquakes into foreshocks, though this terminology may not really be important (foreshock vs aftershock). The M 7.0

Are We Really Practicing Budo?

Those of us that practice a Japanese martial art have always wondered how close to “the real thing” we are practicing. However the reality is far more complex than the fantasy. If there’s a martial arts blog I recommend, it’s Peter Boylan’s. He discusses the issues in martial arts practice in Japan with great insight. We go […]

Japan’s insane train ticket machines

We were lucky enough to be about to exit the station when a technician was finishing up his servicing of a machine, so I could capture the incredible sophistication of these machines and what they are capable of. Services on the shinkansen lines require multiple tickets for each trip, so the machines have to be […]