Why Gender-neutral Parenting is Futile

I’ve never understood the idea that because a small number of people have a gender identity problem, that we should extend that problem to others, especially our own kids. “Offering kids the opportunity to pursue what they’d like, freed from societal expectations, is an undeniably positive thing — whether it has to do with toys, […]

Wim Hof’s Cold Trickery

Wim Hof has not been the only person to promote cold water immersion as a means for health. However while he has encouraged research into his methods, he has come under fire for the claims people associated with him have put forth which are dubious at best. Pepijn van Erp has an interesting write-up on […]

Why singing improves well-being

I never would have directly thought of the benefits of singing, let alone that there was research into it, but it is one of those things that should be obvious. There’s a growing body of research into the impact of singing on well-being. We now know, for example, that group singing raises your pain threshold. […]