645 PRO app for iPhone offers access to lossless camera output 

App developer Jag.gr has launched 645 PRO, a flexible photography and processing app that provides access to the lossless output of the iPhone’s camera. The company grabs the processed camera output before the phone compresses it, and saves it as a TIFF file. These files, which it slightly optimistically calls ‘Developed Raw,’ can then be accessed via iTunes. The app also offers a series of features such as spot metering and exposure, focus and white balance lock, as well as a series of film simulation options and aspect ratio options, but it’s the uncompressed output that is, as far as we are aware, unique.

What is more amazing is that the app comes with a comprehensive manual explaining all the settings. The very fist thing it explains are the settings for emulating different types of film stock that professional photographers use, as well as the different picture ratios it can capture. Though it only outputs TIFF files (RAW is not possible), this has taken photography on the iPhone to a new level.