Guillame Erard has a 2-part interview with one of the most fascinating martial artists associated with Aikido today, Ellis Amdur. A man who cuts straight through the crap with anything, whether it be the old Japanese martial art he practices, Aikido, history, and even himself.

Covering everything from his own martial arts history to his current work writing about strategies for dealing with psychotic people for law enforcement, it is well-worth reading for anyone who has any interest in martial arts and/or violence and human nature..

I have had the long-term intuition that Aikido techniques are vectors, not techniques. Ueshiba Sensei selected just a few techniques out of the entire Daito-ryu curriculum for a reason. These techniques are pointing out physical organizations for a purpose. I believe that this purpose is to build internal strength by putting certain pressures in certain ways so you can achieve centering.

via Interview with Ellis Amdur part 1 – Martial Journey from Aikido to koryuΒ