Someone doesn’t get it at all.

One unspoken objection to raising the minimum wage is that people, other people, those people, will get paid a little more. Which might make getting ahead a little harder. When we raise the bottom, this thinking goes, it gets harder to move to the top.

After a company in Seattle famously raised its lowest wage tier to $70,000, two people (who got paid more than most of the other workers) quit, because they felt it wasn’t fair that people who weren’t as productive as they were were going to get a raise.

They quit a good job, a job they liked, because other people got a raise.

I may not be the person to ask about the effects of raising the minimum wage, but I know enough to know that simply having more money in a society where inflation exists and the value of that money decreases, is not so simple.

However, the objection by the people who quit the company is not “because other people got a raise” it is because they got given something for nothing. In the end that little socialist experiment ended up screwing up the company, just as it has screwed up countries that took away people’s motivation to work for reasons other than getting power over others.

If you try and build a society that shields people from having to face the consequences of their actions, and their situation in life, you end up with a screwed-up society, full of people who don’t value effort and expect everything given to them. It’s as if people haven’t learned their lesson from all the narcissists that are the result of that kind of parenting.