Adding self-sustainability would make this perfect I reckon. There was a stage back after the last crash where whole neighbourhoods of houses were selling for $10k/house. That would have been the perfect timing to do such a thing too.

As much as we wish it weren’t so, friends will come and go. As circumstances change, friendships can dissipate. Childhood friends, for example, typically lose touch over time. When it comes to our adult friends, things like switching jobs or moving can cause a loss of connection. The fact is, situations change, and changes in friendships are going to happen.

However, this isn’t the case for a group of best friends in Texas. They wanted to ensure their friendship would last through time, so these 8 friends (4 couples) did just that by purchasing ten acres of land just outside of Austin, near the Llano River.

There, the “Llano Exit Strategy” became a reality as they created “Bestie Row,” a neighborhood all their own. As fans of the tiny house movement, this group of friends built their own community of small houses just for themselves.

Source: Best Friends Build Their Own Private Neighborhood, So They Can Be Together Forever – DIY Craft Projects