Why singing improves well-being

I never would have directly thought of the benefits of singing, let alone that there was research into it, but it is one of those things that should be obvious. There’s a growing body of research into the impact of singing on well-being. We now know, for example, that group singing raises your pain threshold. […]

The return of the Wankel Engine

Years of research by one firm into improving the Wankel engine, famously used by Mazda in its RX-series cars, may see it return far more efficient than before. Connecticut firm LiquidPiston has revived the old Wankel Engine idea and made it work, creating a better engine for the vehicle of tomorrow.

Kindness reduces anxiety

It isn’t easy being anxious. You can’t sleep, you can’t concentrate, you’re tired and cranky. The good news: Curbing your anxiety may be easier than you think — perhaps as easy as saying “thank you.” Anxiety tends to turn people inward, make them more introspective and therefore less socially engaged. Previously, scientists have shown that […]

Earthquake Report, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan

Here’s a good report with a lot of technical data on the recent earthquakes As I was preparing an aftershock map for yesterday’s earthquake, an earthquake with a magnitude of M = 7.0 happened. This turns all other earthquakes into foreshocks, though this terminology may not really be important (foreshock vs aftershock). The M 7.0

Science is at an end?

I was searching for a quote from early last century, which turned out to be mis-attributed, about how everything had already been discovered. Given the frequency with which I encounter people who are quick to judge, given existing science, on what is factual or not, it seemed only appropriate to remind them not to be so […]

6 Health Myths You Can Stop Believing

Necessary reading. Those who have paid attention will know these things, but it is amazing how many people don’t. The majority of people that walk into my office for health consultations are incredibly confused.  And I don’t blame them.  For years we have been told certain “facts” about nutrition and that if we just followed […]

Aikido and beyond: Guillame Erard interviews Ellis Amdur

Guillame Erard has a 2-part interview with one of the most fascinating martial artists associated with Aikido today, Ellis Amdur. A man who cuts straight through the crap with anything, whether it be the old Japanese martial art he practices, Aikido, history, and even himself. Covering everything from his own martial arts history to his […]