Conversation on IRC just now:

[03:43 AM] <marfin> so i have an iphone 4s
[03:43 AM] <marfin> and its blocked
[03:43 AM] <marfin> does anything unblock imei?
[03:43 AM] <marfin> redsnow or some shit?[03:45 AM] <summatusmentis> what do you mean blocked?
[03:47 AM] <marfin> imei is blocked by uk networks
[03:47 AM] <marfin> :(
[04:03 AM] <CPng|N> stop using stollen phones?
[04:13 AM] <summatusmentis> marfin: yeah, if it's blocked by the network there's nothing to do
[04:14 AM] <marfin> summatusmentis, nothing to do? no pwnage to change it?
[04:15 AM] <Currawong> marfin: do you think people here are going to help you with a stolen phone?
[04:15 AM] <summatusmentis> anything you'd be doing to change it would be illegal
[04:15 AM] <summatusmentis> that's not only against the rules of this channel, but of freenode (saying nothing about the laws in your country)
[04:16 AM] <CPng|N> stealing cell phones is pointless unless you just want to use them as ipods
[04:18 AM] <marfin> its not stolen
[04:18 AM] <marfin> i found it in a club last night
[04:18 AM] <marfin> it works in autralia at least
[04:18 AM] <marfin> so i need to move to perth now
[04:18 AM] <Currawong> so you found a stolen phone? 'sif
[04:18 AM] <marfin> guess so
[04:18 AM] <marfin> but i dont steal
[04:18 AM] <marfin> so kthx
[04:19 AM] <Currawong> so you admit you're too dishonest to hand it in?
[04:19 AM] <marfin> i woke up with it
[04:19 AM] <marfin> i was too fucked up to hand it in
[04:20 AM] <Currawong> you aren't fucked up now
[04:20 AM] <Currawong> go and hand it in. Or have you erased it already?
[04:22 AM] <marfin> your pussy is too dry to be riding my dick like this
[04:22 AM] <marfin> i havent erased it
[04:22 AM] <marfin> i guess i should hand it in
[04:22 AM] <Currawong> good on ya
[04:23 AM] <Currawong> you should be grateful. Karma is a bitch
[04:23 AM] <marfin> yes it is
[04:23 AM] marfin left the channel.