My post on the Gadget Guy resulted in quite a bit of Twitter conversation. For those who still don’t realise, it’s not Peter Blasina who tweets, but someone else. It’s hard though to express complex thoughts in 140 characters. What I wanted to say was:

The Gadget Guy is an ignorant (on technology) guy addressing ignorant Sunrise viewers. As a result, when he talked about Mac vs. PC, Apple fans ignorantly lambasted the poor bloke who tweets for the Gadget Guy’s web site, thinking it was Peter Blasina.

The thing is, and I don’t mean this in a rude way (and apply it as much to myself and my own actions often enough): People are stupid*. A stupid person addressing many other stupid people just spreads more stupid ideas. Wondering why you’re copping stupid flak in response to stupidity you’re associated with by name (the web site and about page) is stupid. What should be happening, a person knowledgeable on technology and equally eloquent should be addressing viewers (on Sunrise, but this applies anywhere where there is an audience). Then people might learn something, including the ignorant Mac fans.

*More specifically, people (we) generalise, people (we) associate an entire company/brand/whatever with one experience, people (we) project themselves (ourselves) and their (our) beliefs into a discussion blocking their (our) ability to see and empathise with other points of view; people (we) act hypocritically, and don’t realise at all they (we) are doing these things at all.  Anyone who has been on web forums or worked in customer service will understand what I’m getting at.  This is nothing to do with Mac vs. PC.

Does this make sense?