But not my details, I checked.

THE bank details of 40 million people have been reportedly recorded by a former British cop who plans to charge victims to see whether their details are available.

Colin Holder a retired detective has spent more than $324 000 scouring the internet for stolen personal bank details of millions of people.

Credit card details bank account numbers home addresses and PINs are all available according to Mr Holder.

It is not known how many Australian details are stolen.

The data comes into criminal hands as result of β€œphishing” where internet users are duped into revealing over their key details.

Mr Holder claims the highly sensitive information is readily available and traded over the internet.

“About six months after I retired I was contacted by an old source who said he was seeing a vast amount of credit card and other personal data being exchanged between criminals and what could he do with it ” Mr Holder told the Washington Post.

Mr Holder has since created a website- www.lucidintelligence.com – where people can search to see whether their details are for sale.

via Former British cop ‘has bank details of 40 million people’ | News | News.com.au.