Some anonymous blogger, whom I’m not going to link to, but will be familiar to some people who browse Head-Fi, insists, among other things that admins receive free gear and censor criticism of sponsors.

I’d like to know where all my free gear is. Especially all my free headphones from the companies who, despite being sponsors, are constantly being trashed on the forums, because, apart from the very occasional loaner or sample, I don’t get any. I’ve never even approached companies directly for review samples. The only headphone I’ve ever been loaned was a HD-700 which I applied to review the same as everyone else did for it — by posting in a thread.

If you know which blogger I’m talking about, there is nothing more to say than he is a lier and manipulating people for whatever gratification he gets from it. I feel pity for anyone who can’t see the manipulation and distortion he uses in his articles.

The same goes for anyone who claims they were banned for criticising a sponsor. They are lying.