As we looked over the pieces of MacBook, examining the tiny logic board and usual speaktenna, Ternus encouraged me to lift the lid of the completed MacBook he’d placed before me.

I placed the edge of one finger on the base to hold it in place and started to lift the lid. Ternus told me to stop holding the bottom and just lift the top. I did as I was told and noted how the bottom did not move as opened the MacBook. Ternus said that it’s no accident.

It’s also an indication of the care Apple put into tolerances on the ultraportable.

“Every single unit gets measured on line for force required to open it, and we actually adjust every single unit,” Ternus said.

I reckon the above photo and description of opening a MacBook nail it. That motherboard is a work of art and the fine details of their products are what make me love using them.

Source: Inside Apple’s perfectionism machine