The Gadget Guy David vs. Goliath:

For many people, tablets aren’t yet strong enough to replace laptops, what with a solid physical keyboard being easier to type on and a wider availability of work-grade applications. At one point, it’s likely that this section of the market will converge, and instead of just having tablets, we’ll have notebooks – probably the thin and light ultrabooks – with capacitive touchscreens, a technology combination that invites both kinds of input: keyboard and touchscreen.

But if your phone was big enough and could let you do much of the things that a tablet would let you do – apps, big screen movies, and web pages with lots of screen real estate – why would you want a tablet?

I’m not the first to suggest it, but much of it could be the appeal to customers in the shop, as the bigger phone is going to look more impressive at first viewing. Unless the focus is primarily on improving the user experience though this could end up back-firing.

I don’t personally think that ultrabooks will have as much impact as Intel hopes though, as nobody can match Apple’s quality for the same price. When they do, then I’m sure they will, if MS doesn’t screw up Windows again.

I use an iPad for work, along with Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard only comes out at work, as outside, on the train and the like the iPad by itself is very handy. If MS or Apple could do a proper OS that can work both with just your fingers or with a keyboard and mouse, then I reckon things will start to get very interesting, as I’d love to have The One Machine to do almost everything.