The recordings are absolutely gold. He has even created a service allowing you to transfer telemarketers to a bot of your choice.

Anderson, known for the Jolly Roger bot which intercepts scam robocalls and creates never-ending loops to keep the calls away from legitimate people, has stocked the bot army with a variety of pre-recorded conversations and responses.

One, for example, is a man nattering about his horoscope and candles, while another keeps the scammer on the line while he drops his phone continually. To keep operators from becoming suspicious too quickly, the bots spew out common phrases such as “hello?” and “hmm?,” as well as featuring real-life situations such as a woman who argues with her children while on the line.

In each, you can hear the operator’s rising frustration in their voices — perhaps only a small fraction of the upset, frustration and annoyance these scams cause victims, but a little justice nonetheless.

Programmer releases bot army to crush Windows Support scammers