I was searching for a quote from early last century, which turned out to be mis-attributed, about how everything had already been discovered. Given the frequency with which I encounter people who are quick to judge, given existing science, on what is factual or not, it seemed only appropriate to remind them not to be so quick to think we know everything already.

In my search I did come across some interesting discussion of the idea though. It turns out there were scientists who through that we were “done” as far as their area of science was concerned. Who would be silly enough to think that now?

It seems that every so often, a fairly large group of scientists begin to assert that science is just about complete, that the vast unknown is gone, and that all the really major research can stop because we now know everything except the details. For those who fall under the spell of this sort of belief, be aware that a similar belief seemed to have taken hold at the turn of the last century. This was just before Relativity and Quantum Mechanics appeared on the scene and opened up new realms for exploration.

Source: SCIENCE HOBBYIST: The End of Science