Wim Hof has not been the only person to promote cold water immersion as a means for health. However while he has encouraged research into his methods, he has come under fire for the claims people associated with him have put forth which are dubious at best. Pepijn van Erp has an interesting write-up on the facts.

For Skepter, the magazine of Dutch skeptics foundation Skepsis, I was asked to write an article about Hof and his method. In this article I focused more on the scientific evidence for the many claims surrounding the Wim Hof method. Luckily I could base my article on the book Hof published in spring last year which precisely claims to give the state of scientific evidence for his method from his point of view: ‘Koud Kunstje – Wat kun je leren van de Iceman?’ by Wim Hof & Koen de Jong (april 2015) [translates as: Cold trickery – What can we learn from the Iceman?].